FMS Project Management

Manage all aspects of your fleet management system project.

FMS Audits

Independent FMS audits. Ensure systems are working correctly and delivering value on technology investment.

FMS Tenders

Independent scoping, review and management of FMS tenders.

FMS Training

Traing your people to get the best from your FMS.

Change Management

Mining technology change management to ensure ROI of investment.

UAVs in Mining

Application of UAVs, or drones, across the mining value chain.

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Uku Tech drives productivity improvements for mining operations through the use of technology. Fleet management systems (FMS) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), offer unprecedented operational improvement opportunities.

Uku Tech boasts over 20 years of experience working with fleet management systems in both open pit and underground mining operations around the world. Delivering operational improvements through the correct use of FMS is our specialty.

As an independent FMS expert, Uku Tech is uniquely and ideally suited to prepare and evaluate fleet management system tenders and bids, providing proven sound advice to deliver mines the greatest possible return on their technology investment.