Drone Inspections

Large industrial assets need to be inspected regularly for maintenance and compliance purposes.  These inspections used to require either manned flights via helicopters or skilled people climbing over the asset.

Today the people can be removed from the dangerous situations through the use of drones, and a fraction of the cost of manned helicopters.

In the video below, the top of a crane and a damaged roof are inspected by Uku Tech with the use of a drone without people ever having to leave the ground.

Mapping a site with drones is the new standard for inspections.  High resolution images and video are captured and made available to the people that need them.  This can be done live on site, or shared with people in an office in a different city.

It is easy to analyze high quality 3D models of sites, visualize areas that cannot be seen from the ground and make measurements quickly to assess what is happening.